The race is over

Trans Scania 2016 is over, and what a race it has been! We got a new track record, beating the previous one by over three hours. A few years ago, sub forty hour times were rare. This year, not only did we have five runners under forty hours, but the fastest times seem to be approaching the thirty hour mark! We also had an equaled record number of finishers, twelve!
Check out the official results, they will be submitted to ITRA (for UTMB points) and DUV in a few days.
Thanks to all the runners, supporters and lovely people along the track for an awesome race weekend. We’re already looking forward to next year!

3 thoughts on “The race is over

  1. What a run complements for the runners,special for my brother Peter Scheutjens from the Netherlands. Running 🏃 trough the woods in the dark in the middle of nowhere. Any time without a map (lost)and a very old phone without internet.He made it I’m very proud. Congratulations Pietje.

  2. Here I am again I forgot my complements for the organisation. Most that we can follow the run at home.That was wonderful we had a lot of fun and worries. And most important we couldn’t correct our brother when he lost the way.(excuses for my bad English).And what a beautiful landscape has Zweden .
    The woods the hill’s en the lakes.
    Greetings Corrie Kersten Scheutjens

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