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Race report Trans Scania 2017

Another Trans Scania has come to an end, and we’re wrapping up the final details before shifting our focus to Trans Scania 2018. The results have now been submitted to DUV and ITRA, so soon everything will be officially registered everywhere.
2017 was a year of many records for Trans Scania. The most obvious one is the new record time set by Martin Scharp, 31:36:57, hugely impressive. Many runners believe it’s possible to finish the race in under thirty hours, but it’s not going to be easy. The record has been improved three years in a row now, but it will be a real challenge to do the same next year.
At the opposite end of the scale, Peter Larsson beat the old record for longest race, running for almost twice as long as Martin Scharp, 59:01:28. Running for a longer time is not necessarily easier, running through two nights without sleep is really tough.
We also had fewer people than ever quitting the race, only two runners of 16, the highest number of finishers yet, 14, and therefore also the highest percentage of finishers, 87,5%. Henrik Kockum finished Trans Scania for the fifth consecutive year, which is another exceptional record. As long as he keeps coming back, that record will be hard to beat!
All numbers and records aside, both runners and supporters seemed to have enjoyed the race, though it’s never easy and fun all the way. We’ll soon open the registration for Trans Scania 2018, which will take place on August 10-12. We know a lot of very experienced runners are keen on taking on Trans Scania, so we expect a pretty spectacular race next year as well.
See you then!

Trans Scania 2017 is over

The race is over, and we’d like to thank all runners, supporters, and the lovely people along the track for another fantastic Trans Scania. We get a lot of compliments for the race, but we mostly set the scene. It’s you who fill it with color, life, and adventure!
A more detailed race report will follow in the coming days. We have entered and verified the results, which are now official. They will be submitted to ITRA/UTMB and DUV shortly.
Again, thank you all for a fantastic weekend! We’re looking forward to seeing you again next year!

Race ongoing

Start 2017
The race has begun, and the participants are making their way across Skåne. Here are a few useful links:

  • You can follow the runners on our Live map, positions are approximate, and update roughly every three minutes.
  • A complete list of the runners can be found on the Participants page.
  • Preliminary results will appear on the Results page as they come in. We record finishes and DNF (did not finish) only, no splits.

The finish is at Hotel Lundia in Lund, you’re more than welcome to come by and see the runners finish!