Monthly Archives: May 2018

Summer update

Last Sunday Magnus took a dip in the ocean from the LĂ„nga Bryggan Jetty where Trans Scania starts. Next week we will start reviewing some of the eastern parts of the route. The race has been fully booked (even slightly over booked) for quite some time, but at the moment the waiting list is empty. We hope you are well and that you look forward to the race as much as we do!
All previous and registered participants have accepted our terms and conditions for the race, but as the new GDPR regulations are put in place on Friday, it’s a good time to once again point to our Terms and conditions. If you have any questions about how we handle your personal data, don’t hesitate to contact us.
This years preparation have started and we will change a few things, hopefully to the better:

  • Almost all unnecessary papers will be avoided and the content distributed digitally instead. This means that if you want a starting-route-map or an end-route-map, you’ll have to print them yourself.
  • We will change our supplier for the GPS trackers, which means that the trackers will be of a slightly better and more modern cut. We hope that this will improve the overall experience for audience and safety for the race.