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Thanks for this year!

Trans Scania 2018 is over, and it was another amazing weekend. We would like to thank all runners, supporters, friends and family for making this event such a friendly experience. Ultra runners always seem to be such humble and helpful people!
You can see the results of the race on the results page. They have also been submitted to ITRA (for UTMB qualification) and DUV. Now we will gather our thoughts around this years race and think about any improvements and changes we could make for next year. If you have feedback, please let us know.
Next year is the 10 year anniversary of Trans Scania, and a lot of previous participants are eager to come and run. We’ll post here, on our Facebook page, and on Twitter when we’ve set a date for the registration to open. We have a feeling the race will fill up pretty quickly …

Trans Scania 2018 is almost here

Trans Scania 2018 is right around the corner now, and it looks like the participants will have some luck with the weather as temperatures will drop over the weekend. Right now it looks like we might actually get some rain as well, which at least is much better than scorching heat.
The race begins at 8:00 tomorrow (Friday) from Långa bryggan in Bjärred. You can see a map of the course and follow the runners live once the race begins here:

Fire ban, water locations

This summer has been the hottest and driest ever measured in Sweden. With this in mind, there are two things the organizers would like to point out:

  • There’s a strict ban on making any kind of fire, including using barbecue grills and other types of outdoor stoves with fire. There’s a very high risk of forest fires, so it’s critical to respect this.
  • We’ve visited the most well known water locations throughout the course and made sure they work. We’ve gathered the information on this page. The page contains photos and coordinates to the taps, as well as a waypoint file with the locations. Stay hydrated out there!