Monthly Archives: October 2018

Race full

Trans Scania 2019 is now full. We are awaiting payment from the final three participants, and there is a pretty long waiting list. We’re sad to turn down so many people, but we strongly believe in not letting the concept of Trans Scania slide.
We’ve already started discussing better ways of distributing the start positions for next year, please provide any feedback you might have.

Registration will soon open

Next year will be the ten year anniversary of Trans Scania, and we’ve gotten more questions than ever about the registration. We’re now happy to announce that we’ll start accepting registrations at 09:00 on Sunday October 28.
Please note that this is the same day as Sweden (and most of Europe) change from summer time to standard time. Set your alarm clock accordingly!
Another tip: To sign up for Trans Scania, you need your DUV link. This can be prepared in advance to make the registration process smoother for you:

  1. Go to DUV
  2. Find the page about you (all details might not be correct)
  3. Copy the address to the page, it should look like this: