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Registration open

The registration for Trans Scania 2020 is now open! Please note that this is for the regular summertime race, not the newly announced Trans Scania Winter.

Should the race fill up in less than 24 hours, all registrations during that time period will be entered into a lottery. Once all participants have been drawn, any remaining registrations will be placed on the waiting list in random order. Subsequent registrations will be added to the waiting list as they come in. If the race isn’t full after 24 hours we’ll skip the lottery altogether and review registrations sequentially as they come in.

With that out of the way, please proceed to the registration form. Good luck!

Registration for Trans Scania 2020

As previously mentioned we were taken by surprise by the huge interest in this year’s Trans Scania. We’re now getting ready to open the registration for Trans Scania 2020, and to avoid making the registration into a race of its own, we’ve changed the setup a bit.

We’ll open the registration on Wednesday October 30 at 8:00 local (Swedish) time. If the race is full after 24 hours we’ll draw 20 participants from the pool of registrations and put the remaining ones on the waiting list in random order. Additional registrations will be placed on the waiting list as they come in. If the race isn’t full after 24 hours we’ll simply switch to a normal sequential registration. Either way our normal qualification process still applies.

Hopefully this gives everybody a fair chance to join the race. If you’re busy during the initial 24 hour window we suggest you ask a friend or family member to fill out the registration for you.

The registration for Trans Scania Winter will also open shortly, but this information only concerns the regular race.

Announcing Trans Scania Winter

Some hard-core Trans Scania runners, most notably Peter Bengtsson, have rather persistently let us know that they want another challenge along the Trans Scania route. After some time our initial hesitation turned into enthusiasm, and we’re now excited to announce Trans Scania Winter.

The race will run from Friday to Sunday, just like the regular race, on the weekend of January 31, 2020. The start will be at 8:00 at Långa bryggan, and the preliminary cutoff time is 52 hours.

The cold conditions bring new challenges. It will be more difficult to find water since many taps are turned off in the winter to prevent pipes from freezing. It will also be much darker and the nights will be much much longer. Because of this, we will require all runners to arrange a minimum level of support. We’re still discussing the exact requirements, but you will have to find somebody who you can depend on during the race. Start asking friends and family right away!

Since the conditions are much tougher and the total race time shorter than for the regular Trans Scania race, we have additional requirements on the participants:

  • The race is only open to runners who have finished Trans Scania at least once.
  • The participants need to organize support as mentioned above.
  • Participants who haven’t reached the Haväng turning point within 24 hours will be eliminated from the race. Additional checkpoints may be added.

The race will only be open to ten participants. The registration will open soon, stay tuned for more information!