Registration for Trans Scania 2020

As previously mentioned we were taken by surprise by the huge interest in this year’s Trans Scania. We’re now getting ready to open the registration for Trans Scania 2020, and to avoid making the registration into a race of its own, we’ve changed the setup a bit.

We’ll open the registration on Wednesday October 30 at 8:00 local (Swedish) time. If the race is full after 24 hours we’ll draw 20 participants from the pool of registrations and put the remaining ones on the waiting list in random order. Additional registrations will be placed on the waiting list as they come in. If the race isn’t full after 24 hours we’ll simply switch to a normal sequential registration. Either way our normal qualification process still applies.

Hopefully this gives everybody a fair chance to join the race. If you’re busy during the initial 24 hour window we suggest you ask a friend or family member to fill out the registration for you.

The registration for Trans Scania Winter will also open shortly, but this information only concerns the regular race.

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