Monthly Archives: August 2020


Trans Scania 2020 is officially over. The heat took out a few runners, but still fewer than we expected. On the contrary we saw several personal records beaten, very impressive given the circumstances!

A few of the trackers misbehaved this year, and we’ll discuss with our tracking partner how to avoid that next time.

Tomorrow we’ll sort out all the post-race admin work, but now it’s time for some well-needed rest. A big thanks to all participants, supporters, friends and family for making Trans Scania such a nice experience! It’s all thanks to you!

Race updates

It’s race week, and here are some updates ahead of the race.

  • According to the current weather forecasts, it’s going to be a really hot race by Swedish standards, with temperatures upwards of 27°C. Plan accordingly, and don’t take any unnecessary risks.
  • There will be a deviation in Lund on the way out due to railroad work. The navigation files have been updated to reflect this. Here’s a detailed view:
Deviation 2020
  • There is a gate across the trail between Snogeholmssjön and Eriksdal, it’s reportedly easy to open. Please make sure to close it again behind you.
Photo and report by Fredrik Lähnn
  • The water tap at Snogeholm doesn’t seem to provide drinking water this year, which is clearly indicated by a note next to it. The water locations have been updated.
Photo and report by Peter Jordow

And as always:

  • West of the golf course there are trail markings both in the woods and along the parallel road, the race route goes through the woods.
  • When going through Lövestad, the route goes around the Ica grocery store.

We’re looking forward to seeing everybody on the starting line!