Trans Scania Winter


On the surface, Trans Scania is one of the most Covid-safe events imaginable. After all, you’re basically on your own in the woods for a couple of days. But looking a little closer, things aren’t that simple. People travel from near and far to participate in the race, transportation to the start line is needed, the preparations for the start can be a bit chaotic and crowded, and during the race the runners visit grocery stores and restaurants along the route, as well as risk injuries that might require medical attention.

The virus is spreading at a continuously increasing rate in Skåne, and health care staff are begging people not to do anything but the absolute necessary.

Given these circumstances we cannot go though with Trans Scania Winter 2021, it’s just not the right thing to do. Of course it’s sad, but it’s a luxury problem if ever there was one.

The race will be postponed until 2022, and all runners keep their starts. A year goes by quickly, and after that we certainly hope the situation has improved dramatically. Should anybody wish to step out of the race we’ll of course refund the whole registration fee.

Please contact us and let us know what you would like to do.

Stay safe, and take care of your loved ones,
Magnus and Martin

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