A new chapter

Trans Scania has been run by different people throughout the years. The race was conceived by Stefan Samuelsson in 2010, starting and ending in Malmö. Stefan only intended to run the race once, but Pär Sikö took over and organized it for a few more years. Pär moved the start to the now iconic Långa bryggan in Bjärred, and the finish to his apartment in Lund. When Pär had had enough, we (Magnus Bodin and Martin Gunnarsson) took over. We moved the finish to Hotel Lundia, where it has remained since, and introduced finisher shirts, GPS tracking, digital maps, and a half-decent website. Trans Scania is doing better than ever, and the time has now come to pass on the torch to the next group of organizers.

Starting with Trans Scania 2022 (the regular summer edition), the race will be organized by Scania Road Runners. The association has multiple Trans Scania finishers among their ranks, so they know precisely what the race is all about, and we couldn’t be happier with the new home of the race.

We’ll of course do everything we can to ensure a smooth transition, and we’re convinced Trans Scania 2022 will be at least as good as the previous races. We’ll see you at the start of Trans Scania Winter as usual. Until then!

1 thought on “A new chapter

  1. Då hoppas jag att ni, Martin och Magnus, har förhandlat till er ett par friplatser till sommarens Trans Scania, så vi ses vid starten.

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