Trans Scania

Trans Scania is a 246 km (153 miles) trail run across Skåne, or Scania, the southmost province of Sweden. The cut-off time is 60 hours, and many finishers need most of that time. This means they run for at least two days and two nights. Aside from a single drop bag, no support is provided during the race. The runners are on their own, in the countryside, for most part of the race. This challenge is not to be taken lightly.


The first Trans Scania was organized by Stefan Samuelsson in 2010. Inspired by races like The Barkley Marathons and Badwater, Stefan had organized a number of 50 and 100 mile runs before, but Trans Scania was the crown jewel. Back then, the race started and ended at Södervärnstornet in Malmö, conveniently located within a block from Stefans apartment. 31 runners started, 12 finished.
Stefan had no plans to organize more than one Trans Scania, so in 2011 Pär Sikö and Team Create took over, determined to keep the race alive. The route was modified to start at the scenic jetty Långa bryggan in Bjärred, and ending in Pärs apartment in Lund (it’s hard to beat that for convenience). Pär went on to organize the race in 2012 and 2013 as well, maintaining the same route.
In 2013, Pär declared he would no longer have time to organize the race, and passed the stewardship on to the non-profit association Löparföreningen Lejonbragden, well known among ultra runners as the organizers of the 50/100km race Lejonbragden.


For inquiries, please contact Magnus Bodin 0767-000067, +46767000067