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Race over

Trans Scania 2015 is now over. 16 runners started the race, 10 finished. The official results have been posted, including the new all time record set by Linda Bengtsson and Fredrik Engdahl!
A big thanks to all runners and supporters, you’re what make this race great! Also thanks to Hotel Lundia and Ishiri for their friendly service.
We’re are already planning next years race, and the registration will open sometime this fall. Stay tuned!

Media coverage

This year Trans Scania has gotten quite a bit of media coverage:

Notice in street newspaper City:
Let us know if you find (or have produced) any more articles or programmes.

And they're off!

Start 2015In total, 16 runners came to the start of the race (one late, not in the picture above), and everything went smoothly. You’ll be able to follow them live on the addresses below. The positions are updated every five minutes. The first address is a full size version for computers, the second one works better on phones and tablets. Please bookmark them and send them to all your friends!

Live tracking

Last year we introduced live tracking, which was a great success. It was amazing to be able to follow the runners day in and day out, and several of the participants mentioned having encountered cheering spectators along the race. This simply wouldn’t happen without the tracking, and of course we’re bringing the trackers back again this year.
As long as the gods of technology are on our side, you’ll be able to follow the runners live (the positions are updated every five minutes) on the addresses below. The first is a big version for computers, the second works better on phones and tablets. Please bookmark them and send them to all your friends!

Registration closed

The race is just around the corner and the registration has now been closed. At the time of writing, 17 brave runners are registered to participate in Trans Scania 2015. Please see the participants page for any updates.
Shortly we’ll get in touch with all runners in person and make sure everything is ready to go.
Just like last year, all runners will be carrying a GPS tracker, and we’ll link to a page where their locations can be tracked in (almost) real time.
We can’t wait to see you all at the start on August 14!