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Thank you

Another Trans Scania is behind us. This was the first Trans Scania in four years where we didn’t get a new course record. Martin Scharp’s 29:37:15 from last year is still standing. We did however break a number of other  records worth mentioning.
It all started when we opened the registration last year, in just a few minutes we had enough applications to fill the race and after a day or so we had enough participants for two. Trans Scania has never filled up nearly as quickly. We’ll stubbornly continue to keep the race small, mainly for two reasons. First, it wouldn’t be the same with 50 participants. We wouldn’t be able to meet up for a cozy dinner on the night before the race, the preparation spot at the beach at Långa bryggan would be too small to fit everybody and their cars etc, but most importantly the feeling would be very different. We really like the friendly and familiar atmosphere of the race and it would be a shame if it was lost. Second, being only two organizers the current size is at the limit of what we can handle both in terms of logistics and being awake for all the finishes. We know we’re not the ones with the toughest job during the race, but we have to be able to make things work as smoothly as possible with respect to our families, jobs etc. to make the race sustainable.
This means there will probably be a number of disappointed people when we open the registration for Trans Scania 2020 as well, but that’s the way it has to be. One thing we think can be improved is the way we handle the registrations. We had a hunch there was a big interest last year, but it was bigger than we ever could have imagined. This of course meant you had to be super fast to secure a spot, and that goes against the nature of the race. We’re still discussing how to best do this, but we will most likely open the registration for a period of time and then use a lottery approach or something like that to select the participants. Please give us any feedback you might have.
There was another registration-related record broken, out of the 20 participants we accepted only two gave up their spots before the race. More people than previous years remained injury-free and good to go which is great (except for the people on the waiting list!) We also had the highest percentage of female runners this year, five out of 20, or 25%.
To our surprise, only one runner quit the race, which also is a new record. This in turn meant we had the highest number of finishers ever, as well as the highest number of male finishers (14) and the highest number of female finishers (5). 93% of the male runners and 100% of the females finished the race. Also all first time participants finished the race. Still, talking to runners right after they finished you could tell it didn’t come easy, so we shouldn’t be too worried Trans Scania is somehow turning into a walk in the park.
We’re planning on opening the registration in October or thereabout, but you won’t have to set an alarm clock or be a quick typist to get a spot next year. It might however involve a bit of luck.
Thank you so much for another fantastic race, we’re already looking forward to next year!

Trans Scania 2019 is over

Yet another Trans Scania is over, and like every year we’re full of awe of the people who can take on a challenge like this and finish it with a smile. Thank you runners, supporters, friends, family and complete strangers (including a police patrol flashing their blue lights for one surprised finisher) for making this race such a fantastic experience! We’ll be back with some insights later this week.

Updates during the race

Trans Scania 2019 is happening right now! The race started Friday August 9 at 8:00 at Långa bryggan in Bjärred, and ends at Hotel Lundia in Lund. Here are some of the ways can follow the race:

  • Live GPS tracking, an absolute must if you want to keep up with the race. The trackers update their position roughly every five minutes.
  • Our Facebook page, here we’ll share video updates (in Swedish) as well as finish photos and other news from the race.
  • Our Twitter account, mostly mirrored content from the Facebook page.
  • Our Instagram account, more behind the scenes type of photos as well as some of the Facebook content.

We’re looking forward to a good race and wish all runners the best of luck!

Race full

Trans Scania 2019 is now full. We are awaiting payment from the final three participants, and there is a pretty long waiting list. We’re sad to turn down so many people, but we strongly believe in not letting the concept of Trans Scania slide.
We’ve already started discussing better ways of distributing the start positions for next year, please provide any feedback you might have.

Registration will soon open

Next year will be the ten year anniversary of Trans Scania, and we’ve gotten more questions than ever about the registration. We’re now happy to announce that we’ll start accepting registrations at 09:00 on Sunday October 28.
Please note that this is the same day as Sweden (and most of Europe) change from summer time to standard time. Set your alarm clock accordingly!
Another tip: To sign up for Trans Scania, you need your DUV link. This can be prepared in advance to make the registration process smoother for you:

  1. Go to DUV
  2. Find the page about you (all details might not be correct)
  3. Copy the address to the page, it should look like this: