Trans Scania


Trans Scania is an almost unsupported 246 km trail run (with some road parts) in southern Sweden.


Due to the extreme nature of Trans Scania, the race is only open to qualified runners. The organizers evaluate all applications on a case-by-case basis, and their decision is final. Of course no payment is needed until a registration has been approved.


The race begins at the Långa bryggan jetty in Bjärred, Sweden, and ends at Hotel Lundia in Lund, conveniently located right next to the train station. See map below.


Trans Scania 2022 begins at 08:00 AM (sharp) on Friday August 12. The cutoff time is 60 hours, which means the finish closes at 08:00 PM on Sunday August 14.
6:50 AM: Participants who wants a ride from Lund to the start meet in front of the yellow train station building (transportation must be confirmed in advance).
7:00 AM: Cars leave Lund.
7:30 AM: Dropbags are handed over at the Långa bryggan jetty in Bjärred.
7:45 AM: All runners must be at the race start (at the very far end out on the Långa bryggan jetty) for a final brief. Walking the jetty takes at least 5 minutes.
8:00 AM: The race begins.


The registration fee (since 2022, this is a flat fee regardless if you’ve run the race or not before) for Trans Scania is 800 SEK. The registration includes a nice t-shirt for finishers, GPS tracker rental, drop bag handling, and optional transportation from Lund to the start for the runner on the race day. No other transportation, food, or accommodation is included. The registration is personal and cannot be refunded, transferred to another person, or kept for another year.


The section from the start at Långa bryggan to Skryllegården and from Skryllegården to the finish in Lund are provided to participants before the race. From Skryllegården to Haväng and back, the course follows the Skåneleden trail – with a few deviations. The trail is marked with orange paint on trees and rocks.
Please see the Maps and navigation page for more information.

Nature and wildlife

The race passes through several pastures with cows and bulls, which are known to be very curious about runners. There might also be horses and other farm animals along the route. As for wildlife, runners have seen wild boars and badgers, both of which could harm a person if startled. The common european adder is the only poisonous snake in Sweden, and can probably be found along the course. On the smaller end of the scale, it’s common for runners to pick up a few tics, please examine yourself after the race.
The course passes through several nature preserves, but it’s always important to respect all animals and plants, and try to disturb them as little as possible. Littering is obviously absolutely prohibited.


All participants can hand in one dropbag and one finish bag before the race. The bags must be reasonably sized and light enough for one person to carry without struggling. The organizers will leave all dropbags at a predetermined location near Sövde, please see the map above. The dropbags are returned to Lund on Sunday, typically before lunch. The finish bags are handled in a reasonably secure way, we keep them in a locked car and then in our room at Hotel Lundia, so storing wallets, keys etc. in them should be fine. However, this is done at your own risk. Other than this, no support is provided. Personal support and pacers are allowed.
Unsupported runners
Unsupported runners will be highlighted in the results. An unsupported runner is defined as somebody who only relies on the official drop bag and existing stores and restaurants along the course for support. Unsupported runners may have pacers.


All participants are required to carry tracking equipment, which will be provided by the organizers. These are used to monitor and plan the race. A public live map will be provided for sharing with friends and family, but the accuracy is not guaranteed, and positioning should not be relied on for anything important. The tracking devices must be returned to the organizers after the race. If you plan to switch between different bags throughout the race, please make sure to take the tracker with you!

UTMB Qualification

Finishers in Trans Scania usually receive six qualification points for UTMB – Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc. This is the maximum number of points that can be received for any qualifying race.

Please note: The qualification status for the 2022 hasn’t been confirmed yet.