Maps and navigation

The section from the start at Långa bryggan to Skryllegården and from Skryllegården to the finish in Lund are provided to participants before the race. From Skryllegården to Haväng and back, the course follows the Skåneleden trail – with a few deviations. The trail is marked with orange paint on trees and rocks.
Please use the interactive map below to explore the course. It includes notes from Zingo Andersen made in 2011, locations verified in 2014, 2015 and 2016. Please read the location comments for more details. The map should include all recent changes to the trail. In addition to these maps, please do not miss the information about water locations here.
Interactive map on Google Maps


We recommend using the official Skåneleden maps. For the main route from Skryllegården to Haväng and back, please refer to the following sections of the maps:

Map: Skåneleden 2, Nord till syd
Note: On the map, the section can be reversed

  • Section 13A & Section 13: Skryllegården-Väderkullen (eastbound)
  • Section 14: Väderkullen – Kullatorpet (eastbound)
  • Note: Here, the trail splits west and east.
  • Section 19: Kullatorpet – Bilarp – Simontorp (eastbound)
  • Section 20: Simontorp-Snogeholm (eastbound)

Map: Skåneleden 4, Österlenleden
Note: On the map, the section can be reversed

  • Note: Between Section 20 and Section 11 (at Snogeholm), there track splits to Ystad (Section 12) as well. Avoid that route.
  • Section 11: Snogeholm – Vitabäck (Vitabäck – Snogeholm is eastbound)
  • Section 10: Vitabäck – Lövestads åsar (eastbound)
  • Note: The Race route deviates through Lövestad
    (Marked blue in deviation map below)
  • Section 9: Lövestads åsar – Heinge (eastbound)
  • Section 8: Heinge – Verkasjön (eastbound)
  • Section 7: Verkasjön – Vantalängan (eastbound)
  • Section 6: Vantalängan – Haväng (eastbound)
  • Note: The race route deviates from the track through Brösarp
    (Marked blue in deviation map below)

Note: The race route then turns at the sea by Haväng and go back to Skryllegården, then follows the finishing map from Skryllegården to Finish in Lund.
The maps can be found at the Skåneleden website, both as PDF and GPX files. High quality paper maps are also available for purchase from the site. The maps are water proof and won’t tear. Note: If you use the official maps, be sure to add the deviations either on the map or as supplement to the maps

Note: Trackmap from Start to Skrylle, Skrylle-Finish

Track files

Below are track files (Updated 2020-06-25) in different formats for the beginning and end of the race that are not part of the Skåneleden trail, plus a big file for the entire race.

Old maps can be found here.